Tikka T3 Sporter


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The Tikka T3 Sporter has been developed in co-operation with Finnish hunting & sport shooting association. The design principles have been set to give the shooter or hunter a rifle that performs in competition, but can also be used for hunting purposes.

T3 Sporter has all stock adjustments that a serious shooter could hope for. This includes adjustable cheekpiece (also in sideways) and adjustable recoil pad in length and height. The Tikka T3 Sporter also has various rail placements that will allow the rifle to be carried in biathlon style.

The Tikka T3 Sporter's laminated stock is purpose built and practical when it comes to ergonomic characteristics and versatility. All T3 Sporter metal parts are matte blued and this combined with a modern stock will result in a rifle with a nice, sophisticated look.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall length T3 1050/1140 mm
  • Barrel length T3 510/600 mm
  • Weight T3 4.1/4.4 kg


  • Small 222 Rem, 223 Rem (note: .223 Rem comes in 8 and 12 rate of twist)
  • Medium 260 Rem, 308 Win
  • Std. Long 6.5x55 SE

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