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As most of you are aware we had a serious breach of our security on the weekend and several handguns have been stolen, there was no ammunition stolen as reported by the media and other outlets. Most of our customers that have been affected have been contacted and they are either having their han...

Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 EBR-7 FFP (MOA) Riflescope

These are now in stock! Give Tony a call to find out more.  

Olight M3XS-UT Javelot Hunters Kit

IN STOCK NOW! The 2015 Olight M3XS-UT Ultra Throw Javelot reaches up to a full kilometre of beam distance and features a large diameter reflector with a dedomed CREE XP-L LED specifically designed for long throw. The light has three brightness levels ranging from 3 to 1200 lumens plus a strobe m...