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Collectable Firearms

Largest range of collectable firearms for sale in Western Australia
Collectable Rifles Collectable Handguns

Collectable Firearms

Barry & Son Firearms established in 1998 have the largest range of collectable firearms for sale in Western Australia and have a new Museum and Collectable firearm section in their recently upgraded and expanded Beckenham shop.

The Museum section has a vast range of rare items on show including a WW11 WLA Harley motorcycle, a GMH 2 pound field gun, Vickers, Browning and Maxim machine Guns, Mortars, anti-Tank weapons and a large range of World War 1 & 2 Military rifle and sub machine guns and other military items and memorabilia. New items are added to the display on a regular basis. To comply with Police regulations all firearms on display have been rendered innocuous.

A large range of Collectable Firearms offered for sale are displayed in the new section including Mauser, Mas Lithgow, Enfield, Mosin Nagant, Husqvarna, Schmidt Rubin, Remington, Springfield, Mas, Arisaka Military Rifles and many collectable hand guns including Luger, Mauser, Colt, Remington, Webley & Scott, Tokarev, Nagant, Walther, Sauer Smith & Wesson, CZ, Browning, Beretta, Harrington & Richardson makes are on show.

Store owner Barry Lathwell has been collecting firearms for over 50 years, dating from the Boer War through to World War II and quite possibly has the largest collection of firearms in Western Australia, including over a hundred rare Military sniper rifles, rare Borchardt, Webley & Scott, Savage trials and many other unique and highly collectable firearms.

Barry is only too pleased to help and assist firearm collectors to get a Firearm Collectors License and to source any specific collectable firearm if they do not have it in stock. Just drop in or contact us.