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Est. 1998 • Specialising in Collectable Firearms

About Barry & Son Firearms

Specialising in Collectable Firearms

Barry's Firearms, established since 1998 originally more as a hobby, has grown to become the largest supplier of collectable firearms and one of Western Australia's biggest firearms dealers. Specialising in Collectable Firearms, Barry's Firearms also has a huge selection of modern firearms and accessories.

We have a large selection of collectable rifles including Lee Enfield, Mauser and Mosin Nagant. we also currently have stocks of collectable hanguns including Luger, Mauser, Walther, Colt and Webley. if we do not have what you are looking for today, with new arrivals coming in every month, just check our featured items section for new arrivals, keep up to date on our socials, or get on the newsletter.

Barry's Firearms carry a large selection of new and second hand handguns ranging from air pistols through to large calibre handguns suitable for all shooting disciplines and a comprehensive range of new single shot, bolt action and lever action rifles. We also carry a good range of new and used shotguns.

About Barry

Barry Lathwell is well known within the shooting fraternity and is a highly respected member of the firearm collecting community. Barry is a past President of the WA Arms & Armour Society. A collector for 50 years, Barry has an extensive knowledge of Collectable firearms and military collectables and has been happy to share his knowledge to other collectors, museums and government agencies to ensure the preservation of collectable firearms for future generations.


Our services include...

  • Retail firearm and accessory sales

  • Safety Awareness Tests

For any additional information concerning these services, please contact us.

Please be aware we DO NOT accept interstate firearms transfers nor do we provide shipping services for transfers. We also do not supply storage or serviceability certificates for privately owned firearms.