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Decumanus M3 – Key is a monobloc scope mount with 6-stud half upper rings machined from billet with multiple grooves to reduce stresses and vibrations due to transport. They also allow a perfect mounting in extreme conditions with axial blockings.
Ball screws (Patented) on monobloc swivel scope mount ensure better thread alignment and more even pressure distribution when fitting ones scope. The tightening order and the position of accessories with the RAUC system are marked to lead through the right positioning.

Prices start from $625.00 Ea.


  • Multicontact anti-twist system
  • Predetermined RAUC (ROME Alignment Ultimate Concept) mounting positions for addition ROME accessories
  • Made of light aluminium alloy 6082 and 7075
  • Matt hard black anodised
  • Anti-reflective and wear-resistant finish
  • Scope level wedge to align the scope with its support
  • Integrated anti-cant spirit level visible to the shooter
  • M4x10 screws in dark-treated stainless steel for rings
  • M5x20 screws in dark-treated stainless steel for picatinny rail attachment
  • Resistant to saline.

Designed and manufactured in Italy.

Each monobloc scope mounting system is carefully certified by a 3D measuring system.
The certificate is included within the kit and certifies its dimensional and geometrical features.

ROME – Rottigni Officina MEccanica SCOPE MOUNTS

We have removed the terms scope twisting, flection and deformation from our vocabulary. With its multi-contact system and the three-junction RMCS (ROME Multi Contact System) we wanted to get what is needed of the field: an efficient and safe blocking system and the reduction of accidental damages.

Our scope mounting systems and their accessories are conceived to avoid movements. We did it by designing the RAUC (Rome Alignment Ultimate Concept) multi-point drop system, for a perfect alignment of the accessories, scope mount and scope.

Every single component is checked, measured and certified. All our controls are carefully and strictly made. Why? Because precision is not simply in our laboratory and in the products that we create. It is in our nature.


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